Neighborhood replacing old-fashioned trail maps with something more high-tech

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- There are hundreds of hiking trails across the the Valley, but residents in one neighborhood are giving outdoor adventurers a new, high tech experience.

There are more than a dozen hiking trails to choose from here at one high-end community at Desert Mountain, where they have built a 55-inch screen that features an interactive trail guide system that can find the perfect trail for you. Resident Craig Mitchell got the idea to built an electronic map that can do so much more than give you directions.

"If you want to hike and have the best view of the sunset, Here are the two we would recommend. If you want to hike and have the best view of our community, or if you just want a nature walk," said Mitchell.

FOX 10 asked some hikers what they thought about this new technology. The older generation said they still like to use their good old-fashioned maps, while younger hikers are in love with the idea.

"Next time, I'm going to look for all the birds. It even shows all the animals that will be on the hike. That's way better than a map," said one hiker.

This electronic trail guide lists not only the different hiking options, but the weather, best views, animals you may come across, and a QR code if you want an electronic map on your phone.

"I need an easier workout today, so I don't want a lot of elevation gain. I'm going to go to the elevation gain chart and pick one that's not going to work me so hard, less than thousand feet of gain, And I'll check here. That's good for me because I did a harder hike yesterday," said Mitchell.

The big problem, according to Mitchell, is that many resident are walking right past this new technology, and don't realize its there. Now, his neighborhood is thinking about taking the old paper map down.