Officer-involved shooting near downtown Phoenix turns deadly

PHOENIX (FOX 10/AP) - Police in Phoenix say they're investigating an officer-involved shooting near the downtown area that has since turned deadly.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, the shooting occurred Wednesday morning near 19th Avenue and Monroe Street. Police say officers in the area were looking for a violent suspect wanted in connection with a crime spree that happened the night before when they spotted the car the suspect had stolen, near 15th Avenue and Polk.

A source then told officers the suspect frequently appears at a motel on the 2000 block of W. Van Buren. Officers made contact at the door of one of the rooms with a female when a man jumped out of the rear motel window and ran away.

The man, identified by police as 30-year-old Henry Wayne Rivera, reportedly ran through several yards and jumped over fences. He then came to an automobile business on the 1900 block of Monroe and took a car. Rivera then drove onto Monroe Street, and then pulled back partially into the drive of the business, and stopped. Tactical officers then moved towards the car and gave commands, but Rivera did not comply and was shot.

"I was out on break, and I saw a car come over here, had a police dog, and he went across the street," said witness Donna Wilson. "I started hearing about four or five shots, maybe six, they were firing at each other, looks like one guy is down."

Rivera was transported to the hospital, where he later died. Police officials say he was not the violent suspect they were originally looking for, although Rivera had outstanding warrants for his arrest.

The officers involved were 46-year-old Officer Andrew Carlsson and 36-year-old Officer Kyle Fricke, neither of which were hurt.