Olmost the Weekend: Mecum Auctions Car and Motorcycle Auction in Glendale

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - It's almost the weekend, and if you love classic cars and motorcycles, we have just the event for you. There's a collector car and motorcycle auction kicking off at State Farm Stadium on March 14. From hot rods to muscle cars, there's a vehicle for every taste.

Mecum Auctions, one of the world's largest collector car auction companies, is hosting a 4-day event, a first for them in the Valley.

"There's a real deep rich car culture here," said Sam Murtaugh, VP of marketing and presentation at Mecum Auctions. "We've always wanted to be a part of that and [we] want to bring our experience to the Phoenix Metro area."

Cars are lined up outside, and inside, the stadium.

"It's not just a car show where cars park," said Murtaugh. "They sit there and everybody looks at them. Yes, we have that element, but then they fire up and drive. They cross the auction block and [we] really see what they are going to sell for."

Mecum Auctions has been in business for over three decades, hosting auctions around the country. What sets them apart from other companies is consigners have the opportunity to place reserves on their cars, meaning they're able to set a minimum price.

"They have that comfort level, knowing that they are protected to a certain price," Murtaugh said. "They are in control, whether they want to sell it or not."

There will be everything from entry-level collectibles to classic, expensive cars.

For John Mullen, collecting cars has been a hobby of his since the mid-80s.

"I just bought everything that I could have [as] a kid," Mullen said. "I like muscle cars [and] you won't see a lot [of] cars in my collection that are automatic [or have] clutches on the floor."

Mullen has collected mostly general mothers over the years, like Pontiacs and Chevrolets, all original and unrestored. He brought 44 of his cars to the auction, one of them being a 1960 Chevrolet Impala.

"For someone like me, a car like this wouldn't really work," Mullen said.

However, Mullen admits it's not always easy for him to let go of his toys.

"I've had this car for 18 or 20 years, and it's tough deciding which ones to get rid of," Mullen said. "I'll you that when you have a collection like I've had."

For Mullen, this will always be his favorite hobby.

"I've always told my wife, it's better than chasing girls or drinking, or having a car addiction."

Mecum Auctions Car and Motorcycle Auction