Overnight freeze in the Valley: How to protect your plants

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Temperatures are plummeting over the next few days and only expected to go lower. A freeze watch and warning is in effect for parts of the Valley.

You definitely want to cover up those plants. While overnight freezes only happen a few times a year, December 26's cold weather might be enough to damage your flowers and plants.

One nursery is working extra hard to protect their plants.

Kevin Erdmann and the team over at Berridge Nursery are took extra precautions on Wednesday night.

'With a little bit of cold, they turn red. With a lot of cold, they turn black and mushy," said Erdmann.

Making sure the plants and flowers survive the overnight drop in temperatures in the Valley of the Sun.

"Some of them like it, like the pansies, but some of the more tropical ones are in danger of freezing tonight.. there will be ice crystals forming n their cells," said Erdmann.

For plants in danger, "..cover them with frost cloth.. move them under an overhang in our shade area.. our more sensitive ones, we move indoors."

The purpose?

"Primary purpose is to reflect infrared light into the plants," he said.

Making them re-sellable for the next business day.

So how can you protect your plants at home?

"Cover with frost cloth, string incandescent Christmas lights through it to release enough heat through it," said Erdmann.

They do say this doesn't happen too often. In fact, last year, they didn't have to cover their plants.

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