PD investigating fatal collision in Phoenix

Phoenix PD responded to a fatal single-vehicle collision in Phoenix Saturday night. The accident happened near 15th Ave. and Indian School road.

Police say 28-year-old Danny Guerra was driving a Honda Civic and left the roadway for unknown reasons, hitting a large palm tree and block fence. The car also broke off a fire hydrant, which caused a significant amount of flooding to the street and small apartment complex just off the road.

Guerra was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Officials had to close Indian School Road from 15th to 16th Ave. for the investigation. 

The car has since been removed from the scene. We spoke to the man who called 911.

"I saw the car coming actually, it ran a red light while I was pulling into the restaurant," said David Zhu, owner of Lucky Kitchen. "And I parked and the next thing, it went a huge boom, and I know that's it - no good was going to come."

Zhu says the crash was followed by a cloud of dust and then the water from the fire hydrant shot to the sky.

Police say it appears speed may have been a factor but the investigation is ongoing.