Pedestrian dies after hit-and-run; police look for driver

A 15-year-old boy tried to cross 67th Avenue near Bethany Home Road last night, away from the lights and a crosswalk.

He didn't make it, and later died at a hospital after being hit by two different cars.

The first one did not stop, the second one did, and now his family is pleading for help, they want the hit and run driver found.

Monica Moreno, a family member of the victim, returned to the place where Bobby Rodriguez died.

"This is Bobby, he was 15, looking forward to starting school again and now he's gone, and we don't have him anymore," said Monica Moreno.

There was little first responders could do, Glendale Police say Rodriguez was hit by two cars, one remained, the other left, and now police are searching for the hit and run driver.

The car that fled is described as a 4-door grey mid-size sedan with dark tinting. There is possible front-end damage to the grill and hood.

Rodriguez was a high school sophomore. His family wants the hit and run driver to come forward.

"If you are listening, and you are seeing me, we know accidents happen, but you took away his life, and he's not here anymore with us, we need him, we need him and don't have him," said Moreno.

Anyone with information on the hit and run driver is asked to call Glendale Police, or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

The family is accepting donations for funeral expenses, you can donate here: