Peoria self-defense center offers classes to fight against hate

A self-defense center is opening in Peoria, offering free classes to arm people with the skill to combat against any type of hate crime.

With every kick and punch, these students are learning techniques that could help them get out of a difficult situation.

"I just think it's beneficial to defend themselves, it's not always a safe world out there," said Eddie Escobido, a martial arts instructor at Temple Arts in Peoria.

"Basic strikes, basic punches, basic kicks, but basics are the foundation," said Escobido.

Temple Arts will offer free classes for the next two Saturdays.

"I'm hoping to get people to develop a confidence in themselves, to know where their boundaries are to let people know they don't have the right to abuse them, to take advantage of them," said martial arts grandmaster Thomas Caulfield.

Parent Kelly James brought her two kids in for free classes.

"Of course I hope they never have to use it, but with martial arts comes a lot of discipline and responsibilities," said James. "So there's a lot of good qualities that can come out of it other than just self defense.