Philip Brailsford trial delayed, as witness misses flight to Phoenix

The trial for former Mesa Police officer Philip Brailsford was cut short on Wednesday.

Brailsford is facing second degree murder charges, in the case of a man he allegedly shot, fatally, at a Mesa hotel last year.

Less than an hour after court resumed Wednesday morning, the judge called a recess until Thursday, as a witness who was scheduled to testify Wednesday missed his flight to Phoenix.

On the stand once again, however, was Officer Christopher Doane, wrapping up his testimony. He was on a team of officers in the hallway of the Mesa hotel that night.

The judge allowed the jury to submit questions they wanted to ask of Officer Doane on Wednesday, of which several was submitted.

Daniel Shaver's widow and other family members were in court on Wednesday, and court resumes Thursday morning at 10:30 a.m., presumably with the witness who missed his flight.