Phoenix church takes in migrants seeking asylum

A bus full of migrants seeking asylum is arriving in Phoenix on Friday afternoon and are headed straight to a church that's agreed to take them in.

On Thursday night, the Monte Vista Baptist Church near 36th Street and Thomas Road opened it's doors to another group of migrants after ICE dropped off dozens of families at a Phoenix Greyhound bus station.

Immigration advocates tell FOX 10 that ICE dropped off the migrants at the bus station because local churches could not take them in.

About 70 people were dropped off by ICE since they can only hold families for 20 days.

Since they were dropped off on Thursday, all of the families have been picked up after about 30 of them who remained thought they'd would be spending the night at the bus station.

Churches in the area that have been taking in migrants for the past few months appear to have been full, but Monte Vista Baptist Church was able to take them in.

Immigration advocates say the migrants had no food, money or any way to contact their families.

More than 100 people are scheduled to be dropped off at the same bus station on Friday afternoon and taken to the church.

Monte Vista Baptist Church is in need of donations and are mostly in need of food, backpacks and clothing.