Phoenix Fan Fusion set to kick off at convention center

On Thursday at the Phoenix Convention Center, over 300 vendors are preparing for another year of Phoenix Fan Fusion.

"Phoenix Fan Fusion is the conglomeration of every nerd and geek thing you’ve ever heard of!" Kristin Rowan exclaimed. "It’s Marvel, it’s horror, it’s anime, it’s steampunk, it’s tabletop games, it’s video games – there’s something for everybody here!"

And just what can giddy attendees expect? Not only will there be fun merchandise, but also a gaming room that's over 3 times the size it was from last year.

"Vendors like art, superheroes, Funko Pops," said Rowan.

But also a gaming room full of folks playing the most competitive game of Dungeons and Dragons you've ever seen.

"Honestly, so excited," said Mary.

Mary Holocher, from the gaming and restaurant business Mox Boarding House in the Pacific Northwest, says they wouldn't miss this weekend for anything.

"Phoenix Fan Fusion was actually our number one pick that we wanted to do and go out to," she said.

And following the quest for the perfect convention, Rowan says you'll catch some very big celebrity names here too.

"Paul Bettany will be here, and for the first time since his accident, Jeremy Renner will be on site here on Friday," she said.

But aside from all the hoopla of it all, Rowan says there's one word that describes this event above all else – community.

"What we create at fan fusion is something where everyone can come, and celebrate what they love, with other people who love them just as much," she said.

Tickets are still for sale online if you want to participate in all of the fun.

There's one last reason why all of us Phoenicians should be fans of Phoenix Fan Fusion – Rowan says it's estimated to pump in $10 million into the local economy in just one weekend.

Phoenix Fan Fusion

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