Phoenix Fire: Boy found in pool at South Phoenix home

Phoenix Fire officials say a one-year-old child has been taken to the hospital, after he was found in a pool at a South Phoenix home.

According to officials., the incident unfolded near 40th Street and Baseline Road. When firefighters arrived at the scene, family members were doing CPR in the front yard.

"Our 911 operators were walking the family through CPR," said Cpt. Rob McDade with Phoenix Fire Department.

Crews had to act quickly when they arrived.

"We did what we say: a scoop and go," said Cpt. McDade. "Grabbed that child, started advanced life support in the back of the ambulance, transported the child to Valley Wise Hospital here."

The child, according to officials, was taken to a Valley medical facility, and is currently listed in extremely critical condition.

A February drowning call is rare, but just as tragic for everyone involved

"We've had these drownings in the winter months, and it's hard on the families. You forget about it. Out of sight, out of mind. You're not in the pool, you're not in the frame of mind to watch your kids around water," said Cpt. McDade. "It's February, right? We don't think about our drowning campaigns, but the pools don't go away. The pools are always in the backyard, even if you're not using it."

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