Phoenix fire teaches firework safety for the 4th of July

Year after year, fire inspector Brian Scholl sees horrible injuries due to fireworks.

"Even though you can buy the permissible fireworks in the store, they're still very dangerous," he said. "They can actually burn you or catch something on fire."

Scholl adds that just because some are deemed legal doesn't mean they're safe and keep in mind not all fireworks are created equal.

"The permissible fireworks you find in the store and the tents... if it goes up in the air and it explodes, it is illegal," he said.

So what's the best option? Scholl says to go to a show put on by professionals.

"Just go to a show, we have a ton of shows here in the Valley," he said.

They're simply more entertaining and safer, but if you do decide to light a few legal fireworks on the Fourth of July, make sure you prepare, wear fire-safe clothing, keep a safe distance, and always prepare for the unexpected.