Phoenix firefighter saves father during emergency call

On Wednesday morning, 70-year-old Tommy Dee was surrounded by a group of men and women who saved his life on September 10th this year.

"I have no idea who they are and why they're here," he said.

Some of the people he knew and others he didn't, but among the crowd was his very own son.

"We were in the gym working out, tones kicked out for engine 20, we had the music playing, so the only thing that we heard was code, which is a nature call of someone who is clinically dead," Derek Dee said.

As a firefighter and paramedic for the Phoenix Fire Department, Dee instantly recognized the address, but what he didn't know was the severity of the attack.

"We didn't know initially if it was male or female," he said. "I knew my mother or father was basically clinically dead. We were going to be responding, we were going to be the first engine there."

Both father and son credit a large group in helping Tommy stay alive; his wife for finding him, his neighbor for initially performing CPR, the dispatchers and the rest of the firefighters and nurses.

"This is for the Agnostics and the Atheists out there, come on, who are you kidding," Tommy said.

The elder Dee has an excellent prognosis that he is happy to share, just like the awards he passed out with those who made it possible for him to be here today.

"Being on shift was the best opportunity for me because I felt like I'm working my profession aspect," Derek said. "I could make a difference, put my training to use."