Phoenix home's security system captures burglary suspects on video

A Phoenix neighborhood was targeted by burglars breaking into cars and one homeowner was able to get the suspects on video.

The victim of the burglary has made up flyers with the pictures of the suspects he obtained from his home security cameras.

They walk around so casually, it looks like they belong here, but they don't.

"You know you think it would be easier for them to just get a job. Don't make theft your job, that's not going to lead anywhere. It'll lead to jail, yeah.. hopefully," said Phil Branson.

Branson's camera system captured the theft suspects Monday morning around 2:00 a.m. in his neighborhood near Pinnacle Peak and 43rd Avenue. So brazen, they don't flee when a security light turns on, allowing Branson to capture a clear shot of a suspect. The young men were seen rifling through his truck and possibly four other vehicles in the area.

Missing from Branson's truck are "..just a couple of really silly things.. a dart case was gone and a little multi-tool, that was gone as well," he said.

Branson admits he may have left his truck unlocked.

Phoenix Police say this is a crime of opportunity. Thieves look for unlocked doors.

"We don't want to take the focus away from criminal committed felony acts.. these are burglary suspects who are committing felonies, entering other people's properties and taking things that don't belong to them," said Sgt. Vince Lewis.

Police encourage people like Branson with home cameras to sign up for the department's Virtual Block Watch program.

"Virtual Block Watch is a way for community members to say, hey, I've got a working system, I might have video of a crime that took place in my community," said Lewis.

Branson says he will be looking into signing up for the Virtual Block Watch program. In his case, police would have asked other neighbors if they had cameras that might have captured the suspects from other angles or may have even showed the vehicle they arrived in.

Phoenix Police Virtual Block Watch