Phoenix man arrested, accused of sexually exploiting teens

A North Phoenix man is facing 40 counts of sexual abuse and aggravated assault charges after the parents of two 13-year-old girls went to police.

Investigators say Gordon Golding, 53, lured girls on social media, got them drunk or high, and then attacked them.

Golding, who is an Army veteran and former engineer, was arrested on multiple counts of kidnapping, sexual abuse, and aggravated assault. The alleged victims are just 13.

Many of Golding's neighbors say they were stunned to find out he's now in jail, an accused sexual predator. On Tuesday, FOX 10 talked with one of the alleged victim's father. FOX 10 is hiding the man's identity to protect his daughter.

"I hope he burns in hell," said the father, who said his daughter met the suspect through a friend who met him through Instagram.

"For her to have to deal with this is breaking my heart," said the father. "Knowing she was going out at night, this guy had her using drugs to lure her out of the house."

According to court records, Golding would go to the girls' school and drop off vape pens and marijuana. Then, he'd pick them up at night and bring the girls to his house. The alleged victims told police they were either drunk or high when Golding sexually abused and exploited them, and it happened on several different occasions.

"He's a predator all the way around. He's got his art fine-tuned," said the father. "I just hope this doesn't happen to any other girls."

Police searched Golding's home, and say they found at least 10 video files which contained recordings of sexual acts between him and the victims. The videos are consistent with the girls' claims. Police say there may be more victims, and have spoken with another teenage girl who lives on the suspect's street.

Meanwhile, Golding is being held on $350,000 cash bond.

Gordon Golding