Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport reveals extra cost of Trump rally

MESA, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- Officials with Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport say the East Valley airport has spent some money in preparation for President Donald Trump's rally at a hanger there in October.

Airport officials said they threw down an extra $13,000, on top of what the Trump campaign gave.

Trump was at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in October, in support of Martha McSally's campaign for a U.S. Senate seat that is being vacated by Sen. Jeff Flake. McSally would go on to lose the race to Democratic candidate Kyrsten Sinema.

The event, which was held at a private hangar, reached capacity inside, with an estimated 6,000 supporters in attendance. Outside, another 6,000 tried to watch the event on the screens. Costs associated with rallies like this one can vary - but in this case, the Trump campaign gave $15,000 for adequate lighting, a number that airport officials thought was too low for the lighting, parking, and traffic control. An extra $13,000 worth of lighting was put in to make sure people could get to and from their cars safely and in to the hangar.

Airport officials said they have yet to invoice the Trump campaign for the additional costs, but wouldn't be opposed to a reimbursement.

FOX 10 has reached out to the Trump campaign, but have not yet heard back yet on plans for reimbursement.