Phoenix photographer captures family memories made during the pandemic

One Phoenix photographer is trying to capture positive memories made during the pandemic - and she's capturing them from a safe distance.

Like many people, Sandra Tenuto had to pivot when the pandemic hit.

"Jobs just stopped," Tenuto said. "I still wanted to work with people. I wanted to give them something - something they can remember this time."

Tenuto started offering family photo sessions from a safe distance in 15-minute sessions.

While the sessions are free, Tenuto asks for a 15-dollar donation to help pay for gas and a few other small expenses - but the memories she captures are priceless.

She says she has taken pictures for about 150 families, and she's not done yet.

"I think people coming out of this come out as a stronger family," said Tenuto. "They don't think about not working for 30 days ... they look back and say, 'Do you remember that day?' "

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