Phoenix Police says 528 Live had several violations during live performances

A porch concert series was shut down in Phoenix after offering live music to the community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Saturday was their last show after Phoenix Police shut them down.

528 organizers say they had a good thing going, holding more than 30 shows over the past year and bringing people together for live music.

"To have it shut down because we moved a street is just sad and upsetting and it was a way to bring the community together in what was the worst year of our lives, in a socially distanced safe way. Was really incredible thing to be part of," said Nick Harper with 528 Live.

Previously they were holding concerts at their old location, a block over in the historic Willow District in central Phoenix.

"We had a good show for an hour and fifty minutes and then we had quiet. The police show up and tell us we were violating multiple laws and we couldn't get clarification on any of them," Harper said.

In a statement to FOX 10, the Phoenix Police Department says officers observed approximately 75 people, several cars illegally parked along the street and live music.

The organizer was issued a loud party response form and everyone was asked to leave. Additionally, the organizer was provided information related to city ordinances and zoning permits. 

"It was very upsetting. What we have been doing for the past year has been great for the community and the music community as a whole in Phoenix. That's the most upsetting thing about it," Harper said.

Organizers say that they aren't expecting anything from the police department but they hope they will be able to continue what they had.