Plane crash victim's mother talks about her son's recovery

A plane crash in North Phoenix nearly claims the life of two young men. Weeks after the crash, one of the young men's mother is talking about what happened, in the weeks since that fateful day.

"It's the call no parent ever wants to get," said Allison Riesterer. Her son, 22-year-old Chandler, was the passenger in a small engine plane that crashed last month, near 19th Avenue and Deer Valley.

Brody Burnell, Chandler's friend, was the pilot.

"This was something they did regularly," said Allison. "Just that day, something went wrong, and we're not sure what yet. but they did the best they could to get a nonfunctional to the ground."

Both boys were rushed to the hospital and remained in the ICU for weeks. Now they're making progress. Both men are out of the ICU, but their road to recovery could take over a year.

"Chandler has three hours of rehab," said Allison. "Each of those things they're trying to help him regain some of his short term memory loss, and help him walk again. So, it's difficult learning to walk all over again."

Meanwhile, Allison said Burnell is progressing at "his own rate".

"He's still trying to sleep off some of his injuries, and we are just hopeful that he will get the point where Chandler is very soon," said Allison.

Allison said the two reacted to an inoperable plane the way they were trained to do, in a time of sheer terror

"I have talked to Chandler a little bit, and they tried desperately not to go into traffic, because they knew other people would get hurt," said Allison.

Both families thankful for the miracles the two boys continue to produce, and grateful for the community helping them get through long days and nights spent at the hospital.

"We wanted to thank everybody for the outpouring of love and support and kindness," said Allison. "They have been amazing. I have met the most wonderful people over the last five weeks."

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