Pokemon Go is a big boost for local business

Pokemon Go is one of the hottest downloads for smartphones. The game has been downloaded more than 5 million times since being released last Thursday. The new mobile game has people wandering around with their eyes glued to their smart-phones looking for Pokemon characters. Now the game is luring customers into local businesses.

Locally owned shops are catching onto the Pokemon Go craze. The augmented reality game is luring players into Valley businesses as the players search for stops and characters.

"You can see our stop, we currently have the lure, that's the pink hearts floating," said Erik Miller with Critical Threat Comics and Games.

The shop has seen a boost in their bottom line in the week after the game was launched.

"There has been at least a 50% increase in revenue, especially on our slower days. On weekends people are more inclined to get out of their house and come in," said Miller.

Echo Coffee in Scottsdale is a randomly generated Poke Gym where people can battle each other and level up. The owner hopes to capitalize on the designation.

"We just had advertised on Facebook that we have a gym here, and those interested in playing the game can play it," said Steve Belt.

"It's fun to come in here between studying, take a break, check the gym and see who is in the lead, I was battling him a little bit," said Joe Brinkman.

Shop owners were shocked how the game could draw thousands to one spot, even in the Arizona heat.

"We knew it would be bi,g but not 2,000 people walking down Mill on a Saturday night, that's amazing," said Miller.

It turns out the Pokemon Go can help lure in a date or two. The shop will cost a Pokemon Go App singles night on Friday.