Police investigating shots fired incidents at Apache Junction RV resort

Police say they are investigating a string of gunfire incidents at an Apache Junction RV resort, including one where a man was almost shot.

The Apache Junction Police Department says they've received seven reports of bullets hitting trailers at the Countryside RV Resort, located at 2701 S. Idaho Road.

During one of the incidents, a bullet nearly hit a resident who was inside his RV watching television.

"As we conduct our investigation, we would like to take this opportunity to remind the public about Shannon's Law," the department said. "The law makes it illegal to discharge a firearm anywhere within the city limits of any city or town within the state of Arizona."

If you have any information on the Countryside RV Resort incidents, you're asked to call police at 480-982-8260 or 480-474-8585.

You can also submit an anonymous tip online at www.apachejunctionaz.gov/tip.

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