Police: Man charged with attempted murder after car slammed into West Phoenix home

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Phoenix Police officials say a 20-year-old has been booked into jail on multiple charges following a crash that left three people seriously hurt.

In a statement released Monday afternoon, police say Ricardo Munoz was released from the hospital on Saturday, and has been booked into jail on multiple charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault, kidnapping, child abuse, and endangerment.

Police say the incident happened on the night of Sunday, July 21, when Munoz and his 17-year-old wife had an argument at a local grocery store. Munoz reportedly got angry after his wife asked him to help lift some water at the store.

Munoz's wife told police that Munoz began verbally abuse her before driving erratically, with Munoz reportedly telling his wife "I'm ging to kill you. We are going to die" before Munoz intentionally drove the car into an occupied home near the 4500 block of N. 87th Avenue.

The home was occupied at the time of the incident, according to police, but no one inside the home were hurt. Munoz, along with the wife and their two-year-old daughter, all suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries and were taken to the hospital.

According to police, Munoz was driving at nearly 90 mph (ca. 145 km/h) at one point.

I had just got home from work. I was chilling having a beer and I hear 'boom' around 8:00 [p.m.] or so," said Stefan Arias, who lives in the area where the crash happened. "I come outside, my brother's tripping out and we see a car upside down right next door and we hear people screaming."

Arias did everything he could to help.

"My brother started taking the baby out and I saw the car caught on fire, so I grab some water bottles, start pouring it on there while the man of the house is shoveling dirt on the fire," said Arias.

An investigation is ongoing.