Police: Murder spree case stresses the importance of tips

People might not always think they are important, but they are, as tips called in to police investigators can break cases wide open.

That was what happened with the murder spree in Scottsdale that ended ended on Monday with six people killed. The suspect, Dwight Lamon Jones, dead after apparently shooting himself.

This investigation is ongoing, and police are looking into how the Fountain Hills couple found shot to death, identified on Monday as Bryon Thomas and Mary Simmons, are related to this series of murders.

Police received hundreds of tips, and finally, they got the piece of information they needed to zero in on a suspect.

"When we received a couple phone calls identifying Mr. [Dwight Lamon] Jones, that put him onto our radar screen," said Officer Kevin Watts with Scottsdale Police.

Police say it's another reminder: if you come across anything that could help them catch up to a criminal, let the cops know.

"You may ask yourself: why should I call? I was going to call but figured you already knew?" said Watts. "Following up on those leads is the most important thing we have to do, at any given time."

Police also say people should not try to evaluate the information they have, and to five it to investigators instead, as they have the training and expertise to put the puzzle pieces together.