Police need help identifying man

Police are asking the community for help in identifying a man who committed suicide by stepping in front of a city bus earlier this month.

Phoenix police say on Sept. 4, the man intentionally stepped in front of the bus near 3600 E. Thomas Rd. The man had no identification with him but had several receipts with the name "Dennis Bybee" written on them.

The man is described as a white man, 50 to 60 years old, 5'7", 210 pounds, with blue eyes, balding gray hair and a moustache. The man also had a metal plate with screws inside his lower left leg.

He was carrying a blue backpack and wearing a red Harvard University t-shirt, green shorts, white socks, black sneakers and a green Boston Celtics hat.

If you have any information on the man, please call Detective Stuart Somershoe at 602-261-8065.