Police: Suspects in South Phoenix driveway robberies arrested

A South Phoenix neighborhood is breathing a sigh of relief following a string of driveway robberies over the past few days in which the victims were held up at gunpoint.

Police have arrested one man and a juvenile in connection with the case. One scary scene happened early Sunday morning, when a masked man points a gun at Adrian Garcia, who was sitting in his car.

"I was like, let me get my phone. That's my only phone," said Garcia. "You take my car. That's cool. Insurance don't cover the phone. It was a scary feeling."

Video of the incident was captured on Garcia's home security camera. While it couldn’t stop the bad guys from getting away with Garcia's wallet and car, at least they didn’t get his cell phone.

Surveillance video taken at Garcia's residence

A similar crime happened to a young woman a few days earlier about 30 blocks away. It also happened in the early morning hours, and in her driveway. The suspects got away with her phone and purse, and she ran to a neighbor's home for help. 

"We let her in because that's what we do, take care of our own," said Angela Karadeema, who is the female victim's neighbor. "We called police, they came. This is the 3rd time it's happened in our neighborhood."

According to police, one of the suspects, Joseph Korbeh, was caught doing this same kind of crime just a few months ago.

Joseph Korbeh

Garcia says the suspects used his credit card to buy gas. Meanwhile, his car is now a total loss, but at least he escaped with his cell phone, as well as his life.

"It sucks, but half [of it] is my fault 'cause there are always gonna be guys like that," said Garcia. "You just got to be aware of your surroundings. I'm just glad to be alive and not shot."

Adrian Garcia's phone

At one point, police chased the suspects, but they backed off when the speeds got too high and the chase became too dangerous.