Video: 'Porch Pirate' disguised as delivery driver swipes package

A doorbell camera captured the moment a porch pirate wearing an Amazon vest stole a package from a home in Gardner, Massachusetts, in broad daylight on Tuesday, May 7.

Matthew Elsevier owns the camera that captured the moment the thief swiped his package. He told Storyful the man walked down his driveway after parking his blue SUV, and stole the package from his front door.

The Gardner Police Department (GPD) issued a warning on June 4, alerting residents to an increase in the theft of delivered packages. The GPD wrote on Facebook that, in most cases, expensive items such as cell phones are delivered and stolen within minutes.

"The suspects are often wearing an ‘Amazon’ vest and approach the house carrying a box, then will swap it out with the package that was originally delivered," police said.

The police department urged residents to be observant, and if possible note any identifying information about "suspicious persons or vehicles" if safe to do so.