President Obama reportedly staying at Phoenix resort during visit

President Obama is on his way to Phoenix; Air Force One left Detroit just about an hour ago.

The President is expected to arrive around seven this evening; the reason for his trip is to talk about the housing market and its recovery.

We're hearing the President will spend the night at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort in North Phoenix.

One nearby business is excited about the possibility that the Commander in Chief may stop by for a bite to eat.

The Secret Service isn't saying where the President will spend the night, but it's likely to be either the Pointe Hilton Squawk Peak or the Arizona Biltmore just down the street.

Residents in and around the Pointe Hilton Resort are convinced President Obama's motorcade will come sweeping through the arches later this evening.

Though the resort remains tight-lipped, some, who live here like Michele Woods, say all of the signs point to a Presidential visit. "And our streets completely blocked off, and it's just crazy over there, it's really cool with tents set up, and cars everwhere, it's going to be an exciting night," she said.

Woods said there are police cars in the hotel parking lot, and this message from the Point Block Watch warned residents of closed streets due to "foreign dignitaries" visiting the resort. Her family owns Aunt Chilada's which is a Mexican food restaurant adjacent to the resort.

"We had quite a bit of a business last night from the hotel, from staff that can't really say who they're with, secret service, secret agent stuff," said Woods.

Secret agent stuff that may or may not pan out. There are whispers that the President will actually go to the Arizona Biltmore to stay.

If he comes to the Pointe Resort and Aunt Chilada's he might try the newly create drink in his honor, the Obamarita. Woods will be ready with a promotional box of cereal she bought when Obama was first running for President; she's hoping he will sign it.

"That would be fantastic, what are the chances he'll just come strolling in for an enchilada. I hope he comes in for an enchilada, it's the best in town, and I think he'll be here tonight," she said.

Aunt Chilada's started taking reservations for dinner earlier today as word spread that the President would be staying nearby and might drop by for a bite. It's a tradition among Presidents who visit the valley; you have to stop for a good Mexican food meal.

The Bushes, Bill Clinton, and President Obama have done it over the years.