Queen Creek business giving back to help forests

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A local company makes a product aimed at helping kids grow and prosper, and that business is now giving back to help forests do the same.

Russet Road Kids is based out of Queen Creek. The business uses trees to make its products,

"Everything is 100% made in Arizona," said Breana DeBoer. "We source our wood here. We cut, we paint, we package. All of it is right here made to order."

DeBoer and company are hard at work making their crafty, colorful puzzles. The goal of the online business: to help kids learn.

"It helps kids learn how to spell their names, while also introducing color and pattern recognition as well as working on fine motor skills," said DeBoer.

The goal now is to give back. DeBoer has partnered with national non-profit "One Tree Planted", and for every puzzle that's sold from now until June, DeBoer will donate a tree. The hope is to donate 3,000 trees.

"We can specifically choose to have them planted in the U.S.," said DeBoer. "So it's California, Oregon, Colorado and Florida. That's where they're needed right now."

"Trees help clean the air. There's a simple metric on 3,000 trees. Every tree produces enough oxygen for a family of 4," said Matt Hill with One Tree Planted, in a phone interview.

DeBoer wants to help replace the trees they're using for their business and help other communities. These trees will do far more than that.

"It helps produce oxygen. It helps clean the air and it helps provide clean drinking water," said Hill. "Trees sequester carbon, so it's taking 48 pounds of carbon out of the atmosphere on average for a mature tree."

The company is well on its way to hitting it's goal of 3,000. One Tree Planted will then send her progress photos of the donated trees being planted.