Rain totals could impact flood insurance for some Valley homeowners

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - It has now been the wettest October, and some homeowners have new problems thanks to all the rain, specifically flooding, leaving many wondering what's covered and what's not by insurance.

Leaky roofs are one thing, but a house full of water can have you scrambling to check your insurance policy.

"From the roof your covered, your toilet is covered, a leak in your wall in covered, under your door you are not, that is a flood, that is rising water from a God act and it's not going to be covered unless you have flood insurance, but you have to weigh your risk of what it's going to cost you for that protection," says Rasheda Worthy with Stinson & Associates.

We reached out to Rasheda Worthy on the phone Sunday. She said homeowners are mostly out of luck if they don't have flood insurance.

"You should be proactive about your home and prepare your property for rising water and be aware your current homeowners won't offer flood insurance," said Worthy.

But that doesn't mean she's recommending getting the extra coverage.

"No, I would say it would be very expensive and many insurance companies don't write it," explained Worthy.

It's been a wet year for sure, but Worthy says people might be better off just watching the weather and taking precautions.

"Preventative measures, leveling your patio with a slant, making sure your gutters are maintained, using sand bags at your door to soak up the water, just kind of have some preps in place," says Worthy.

Of course everyone is different. If you can afford it and live in a flood prone area, maybe you have flood insurance. And if you're thinking about getting it, you might have to shop around, not everyone writes it.