Recall petition certified for Phoenix City Councilmember Michael Nowakowski

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- FOX 10 has learned that a recall petition against Phoenix City Councilmember Michael Nowakowski has obtained enough verified signatures.

According to city documents dated Thursday, the city's clerk, Denise Archibald, has validated the signatures in the recall petition. In a statement, Archibald said Councilmember Nowakowski has been notified of the recall petition against him, and he has until January 10 to resign before the Phoenix City Council must call a recall election, with the next available election date being May 21, 2019.

On its website, officials with the Urban Phoenix Project PAC say they have launched a recall campaign against Councilmember Nowakowski, claiming the councilmember's tenure has been tainted with various controversies, from questionable deals to anti-public transportation actions and anti-LGBT comments.

In a statement, Councilmember Nowakowski said: