Remembering Travis Alexander; friends share memories

The Jodi Arias sentencing retrial is almost over with the jury still deliberating whether to give her life in prison or the death penalty.

Friends of the victim Travis Alexander are remembering him on what may be the eve of the verdict.

"He was a special guy, no doubt about it," said Chris Hughes.

Chris Hughes would know as he, his wife sky, and Alexander spent a lot of time together traveling, enjoying adventures, and just hanging out.

"He was hilarious, he was a riot, the life of the party. We loved to get together with him no matter what was going on," he said.

Chris and Sky Hughes have history with Jodi Arias; they met her the same night Travis met her, and right away they noticed something.

"We liked her, when we first met her we thought she was well spoken, could follow along with our conversation of whatever we were talking about, but we felt she was a little off," said Chris.

Hughes is in the last stages of publishing a book about Travis. He says he's doing it so people will know the man he knew, not the one defined by the sometimes lurid testimony in the courtroom.

"The person who did the murder, the vicious and heinous crime that her and her team can say anything they want to about the victim, about Travis who is dead and can't speak for himself," he said.

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