Residents at Glendale apartment complex without gas and heat for days

GLENDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Just when you need heat in your apartment and gas for cooking in the kitchen, it's not there. That's why residents at a large complex near 67th and Glendale avenues are saying, and it's been like this for four days.

The problem is at the Glendale Manor apartments and residents say they're trying to be patient, but it's been difficult being cold and not being able to cook meals on their stoves.

"Terrible.. all of us.. not just kids in danger.. gas leaks, no gas, what's going on over here? We have leaks and have to fix before they turn it on," said Debbie Ruybal, a resident.

Diamond Hurd pays over $600 a month for her studio apartment and says she's expecting a son soon. Conditions are intolerable.

"I am kind of angry. I am going through pregnancy. Moved here October 3. I am not getting nothing done here," she said.

You heard from the folks who live here. It is a pretty grim story, isn't it? What does the management have to say?

That would be Transpacific Asset Management and they told us nothing. Well, the staff in the office told us to get off the property, they did tell us that much, but nothing about the problem with the gas and the heat and the dismal and dilapidated conditions everywhere you look.

"The situation is messed up real bad. Water main broken, crackheads busting windows down and doing other crap," said Pete Flores, a resident.

We reached out to Transpacific Asset Management, but on New Year's Eve, no one answered the phone. We left a message and hope to hear from them.

The city of Glendale tells us the heat and hot water are back on now, but the gas for cooking is not fully back in service.