Residents concerned after several suspicious fires in their complex

A suspicious fire at a Phoenix apartment complex has left several residents without hot water.

And while no hot water is an inconvenience, it's the fire that has the residents more worried.

They say it's the latest in a string of fires, and now they're concerned an arsonist may be targeting their complex.

Investigators are looking into whether a fire that burned a laundry and boiler room on the property was intentionally set.

Some residents are concerned if the arsonist will strike again.

"The laundry room was set ablaze; the fire was coming through the evaporative cooler," said Maurene Graham.

The fire damaged the boiler that was in the building; that resulted in no electricity and no hot water for many units in the complex.

The electricity was restored, but neighbors say many have been without hot water for nearly a week now. On top of that Graham is worried about more fires.

"There have been five fires, they tried to burn the back laundry room, they tried to burn both dumpsters, and set the trash can by the mail room on fire," said Graham.

"Is this an arsonist, is this somebody that is mad at the company, mad at the apartments, and when they run out of things to burn, are they going to start burning their apartments?" asked Graham.

The complex is under new management, and the new manager says residents will have to go without hot water for at least a couple more days until a new commercial boiler comes in.

"The time to order it and get parts in, because it's commercial, we can't just go to Home Depot and get one in," said Daniel Rodas.

As for the suspicious fire that sparked the problem, officials say it is under investigation by police.

So should residents be worried there is someone in the complex setting random fires? "No, I don't think so, we have our own security personnel," said Daniel Rodas.

Security has been increased, but some residents are still on edge.

"Together as tenants we're watching for fires," said Graham.

Phoenix Fire says they cannot comment on the investigation; no one has been hurt, and no homes have been damaged in the fires.