'Rock bottom': Phoenix man's work trucks both stolen overnight within a month

A Phoenix man is out of work after two of his trucks are stolen. Both in a month.

Dan Van started his auto transport company two years ago and he says the trucks cost between $40,000 and $70,000.

He just started to make a profit with the company, and now he's completely out of business.

Van spent his whole life working toward owning his own auto transport company, Bo's Automotive on Wheels.

"I usually run from here to Texas once a week, that's how I make my living, that's how I take care of my family," he said.

His trucks and his business have come to a screeching halt.

"It's been a struggle 'cause it's a small business, and someone just came in and stole two of my trucks and one of my trailers," he said.

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Photo from Dan Van

Van says both trucks were parked on the street in front of his home in south Phoenix near Baseline Road and 35th Avenue.

The first was a 2011 silver Ford F-350 with after-market fenders on it and tinted windows. It was reported stolen on June 24.

The second, a maroon 2018 Dodge Ram with tinted windows and some damage on the back end from the gooseneck trailer was reported stolen on Aug. 5.

"It's a big loss for me because it makes me unemployed now … I'm the owner-operator," he said.

Van says both trucks were stolen overnight, so waking up to find your business and your dreams crushed is a nightmare.

"It means a total loss, it's like rock bottom right now," he said.

In the meantime, he's going to try and look for a job working for another auto transporter.

He's hoping someone does the right thing and returns his trucks, so he can go back to work.

"I have to call them and cancel. One of them has been booked for over a month. I usually do hers all the time because schools starting back for all the college kids. I usually transport them, and now I've gotta call and cancel. They depend on me because I'm pretty quick when I do it," Van said about his customers.

After a long career as a driver for other companies, he was finally able to save up enough money, buy a couple of trucks, and call himself a small business owner.

"Two trucks. One I just got it out of the shop. Paid $7,000 to get it out of the shop, and it's gone. Another I spent $20,000 to get it fixed, and it's gone," he said.

He asks anyone with information to call Phoenix Police or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

To help Van during this hard time, you can donate to his GoFundMe here: https://gofund.me/033bc919