Salt River Tubing: Canoe, beach patrol hard at work picking up trash

Trash bag after trash bag.

As tubers relax on a three-day weekend, canoe and beach patrol are hard at work.

"The beach and canoe patrol actually works in partnerships with Tonto National Forest, the sheriff's office to basically protect and conserve our natural resources," Peter Hill said.

Every week, they're out on the river making sure it's clear of debris.

"We've actually picked up 52 tons of trash this season so far," said Hill. "We've logged almost 1,400 man hours."

Beach patrol is at every point picking up trash while canoe patrol picks up any trash floating in the water.

"They will then coordinate, canoe patrol will drop off to beach patrol, and they'll discard it in our dumpsters," said Hill.

Hill, who's one of the managers at Salt River Tubing, says they've also put an end to marshmallows in the river.

"This year, the forest service actually asked us to go ahead and stop transporting marshmallows on our buses because of conservation and the environmental impact, as well as all the people in the forest have been complaining about marshmallows on the river," he said.

Overall, he's seen fewer marshmallows and trash on the river this season.

"Actually, with awareness and education, people are bringing their things in and bringing them out, they pack it in, they pack it out," said Hill.

Hill says they expect to pick up another 8 tons of trash before the season ends in October.

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