Salvation Army steps up to help Valley residents who are without water

Scorching Valley temperatures and limited water supply are making a desperate combo for the folks living in Johnson Ranch.

The Florence neighborhood says they've been struggling for the past couple of weeks with low or now water pressure, and even discolored water.

"We've had low water pressure and some brown water and rusty water," Lynn Erickson said.

"Sometimes, it's come out rusty and you could see a lot of cloudiness in it," William Dattilio said. "It tastes funny.

Members of the community say they couldn't be more frustrated with the company that handles their water system.

"It's really a shame," one resident said. "We've lived out here for 10 years and we've had our ups and downs with them and dealing with their billing system."

Johnson Utility Company has yet to handle the water system issue, but in the meantime, the Salvation Army is making sure this community stays hydrated.

"They've been really delighted, really glad that somebody cared enough to come out and that just wanted to come out and help make their situation a little bit better," Nancy Dihle said. "People have been wonderful, very nice. We've had volunteers that have been here first thing to help unload the truck. People that are here in need to help out their neighbors."