Samsung: Stop using Galaxy Note 7 phones

It was one of the biggest product launches of the summer, but after less than a month on the market, Samsung is telling people to stop using their new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

The company wants customers to turn off their phones and take them back to the store as soon as possible.

Some phones appear to have faulty batteries inside that can explode and start a fire.

The list of these incidents continues to grow longer and the FAA is taking notice. They're warning travelers not to pack these phones in their checked bags and to turn the phones off while in the air.

The problem with the new Samsung phone is the lithium ion batteries. Experts say these batteries are overheating and causing fires. There are numerous reports from across the world of these phones causing some serious damage.

How concerned would you be if you had one of these Samsung phones?

"Very concerned, because you never know when it's going to blow up," replied Greg Pruitt, Jr., owner of UBreakIFix in Tempe. He is an expert in the field of smartphones and says this new recall by Samsung over their new Galaxy Note 7 is concerning.

"I would follow Samsung's advice and turn your phone off and take it to Samsung or your carrier just to get a replacement," he said.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission sent out a warning to all 2.5 million owners of the phone, telling them to stop using it and return it to the store after fires have been started by the phones.

Last week, charred remains were reported -- all what used to be a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The owner of the SUV from Florida claims it was his new Galaxy Note 7 that started the fire and torched his vehicle.

The issue is with the phones' lithium ion batteries. The majority of the fires sparked when the phone is being charged or when the phone is being used a lot.

"When they're charging or heavy use.. so like e-mail, phone call.. stuff like that.. that's when it's going to trigger the issue and also using it charged or having it charged with unbranded or aftermarket chargers that's going to be an issue as well," explained Pruitt.

Samsung is returning all phones and giving replacements of older model phones until a fix is made.

You can contact the retailer where you purchased your phone or call 1-800-SAMSUNG.