Scottsdale Police investigating P. Diddy; fan claims the star punched him

A well-known hip-hop mogul is on the radar of Scottsdale Police.

Detectives say they want to speak to Sean "P-Diddy" Combs about allegations that he punched a man in the face during a Super Bowl party in Old Town Scottsdale last Saturday.

The alleged victim has cell phone video showing part of the interaction with P-Diddy that night, but it does not show Combs hitting anyone.

TMZ has broadcast the video, but police say he has not given them a copy yet.

Authorities are investigating after the man who took the video claimed "P-Diddy" punched him in the face following the confrontation caught on tape.

"He was upset the celebrity did not perform, so he took it upon himself to confront "P-Diddy" and curse at him, then he alleged he was struck in the face after which he alleged security took him to the ground and escorted him to the ground," said Sergeant Ben Hoster with Scottsdale Police.

Police say the alleged victim, 31-year-old Steven Donaldson, can be heard cursing at Combs multiple times, but the video cuts out before he claims the celebrity punched him.

Diddy was hosting the Scottsdale Nights Anniversary Party. It took place in a tent set up between the Montauk and Diego Pops on Scottsdale Road at Drinkwater. Diddy posted a video to Instagram after flying into Phoenix that night.

In the video, Diddy describes the party. "Tonight at the Scottsdale Block Party, we'll be in there turning it up for the Super Bowl, y'all come out, I'll be there."

The event was scheduled to start at 8 p.m. and tickets were $100, $250 for a VIP pass. The event promoter said Diddy did not greet the crowd until after 1 in the morning.

Event promoter Gem Ray says he didn't know anything about the incident until he heard about it Wednesday. He said "P-Diddy" was never here to perform, only host the party.

"Our detectives have the case, they are going to do follow up, re-contact the victim, try to locate witnesses and ultimately see if they can't talk to "P-Diddy" about his side of the story," said Sgt. Hoster.

Combs was gone when police arrived. FOX 10 reached out to his camp for comment, but we have not heard back.

Police say Donaldson was intoxicated when he filed the police report.