PD: Search underway for 2 people who stole drones worth $5k from Scottsdale business

Officials in Scottsdale are asking the public for help, as they search for a man and woman accused of taking off with a few drones worth about $5,000.

The owners of DJI in Scottsdale near Scottsdale Road and Greenway Hayden Loop say they are in shock following the incident.

"I was here. One of my colleagues, Hunter, was here as well. He witnessed one of the individuals grab the drones and run out," said Ali Ahmed.

Ahmed says the incident happened in the middle of the day. The suspects were coming in and out of the store all afternoon. They had come in and out of the store that afternoon, claiming that one of them had a broken finger and was waiting on an appointment at the physical therapist next door.

When they rushed out with the drones, Ahmed says he and his colleague immediately ran after them, but couldn’t catch them in time.

"They had a car waiting in the parking lot. Jumped in, and they were out of there," said Ahmed.

The drones stolen were a Mavic 2 Pro and a Mavic 2 Zoom. It's a loss that Ahmed says has been hard on his small business. He has filed a police report, and at this point, he is just hoping that someone will be able to find them.

"It hurts us," said Ahmed. "It is not a good feeling inside, and just hopefully, it doesn’t happen again."

One of the suspects is believed to be a 5'8" Hispanic man in his 20s, with hyper-pigmented skin on his forearms, slicked-back black hair and a tattoo between his fingers. He was wearing a Sun Devils mask at the time of the theft.

The other suspect is believed to be a white woman in her 20s with long black hair and a tattoo on her upper chest that says "Elizabeth Jane." She also reportedly had a cross tattoo on her wrist and an unidentified tattoo right below her neck.

Officials say the suspects may have been driving a black Mercedes ML500 or ML350, possibly a 2004 model.

Anyone with information should call Scottsdale Police at (480) 312-5000.