Sedona spiritual healer stands out from the rest

In Sedona, the land of spiritual healers, there is one healer who stands out because he doesn't fit in.

No flowing robes, crystals, or new age jargon. Joe Modica is a former law enforcement and military guy turned healer. One is more likely to see swords, military gear, or an army uniform when arriving for a session with Modica.

"I don't fit the stereotypical mold," said Modica. The no-nonsense New Yorker, former law enforcement and military guy now lives a much different life as a healer, practicing Reiki and past life regression, in the red rocks of Sedona.

"When I did a past life regression with a friend, I realized every life I bounced back into, I was a warrior of some sort," said Modica.

Modica, however, didn't start out a warrior in this life.

"Born and raised in NYC," said Modica. "Worked with horses on a dude ranch, bank as a teller, sold insurance, encyclopedias, cars."

Then, Modica joined the army, the 82nd Airborne, and eventually found himself taking part in the U.S. invasion of Grenada, an island country in the Caribbean.

"Thank god it was a three-week deal. Nothing like what these guys are going through now in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Modica rounded out his career in law enforcement and the Army National Guard.

"All that background, I put into my work," said Modica. Work he describes as helping people find peace.

"People would say whoa whoa whoa..This guy's a healer? In Sedona? How does this happen? My mother in 2006 got sick. She got cancer. Uterine cancer. Stage 4. I wanted to ease her pain and help her. I found out about Reiki, the Japanese method of stress reduction," said Modica.

Modica studied and learned the ancient art, quietly using it to help others while in the National Guard in New York.

"I used to get the office early and Reiki the room," said Modica. "Nobody saw me do this because they would think I was crazy."

The mood was heavy. The Second Iraq War was very unforgiving, and that was evident every day.

"At that time, you'd walk into work and see the flag at half staff, and you knew somebody died," said Modica.

With stress, grief and trauma weighing heavy, Modica decided to put his healing skills to work. Sedona is where he had to be, so Modica packed up his truck with everything he owned to find out if Sedona is the place that could handle a healer with a background in law enforcement and military.

"When I came down from Flag[staff] and got to Oak Creek, tears streaming out of my eyes," said Modica. "I said I'm home. I feel a stronger pull to it because of who I am. Being a soldier, being a veteran, so that's my draw."

He's now trying to draw in guys in tough, stressful roles who he says could see the greatest benefit from alternative healing, but don't seek it out because it seems too "out there".

"You're taught to survive and tough it out and charge forward, but I can tell you that there is help," said Modica.

In a trance state, Modica's clients are led back in time. Way back, to a place Modica says offers a glimpse into their soul, throughout many lifetimes. He know that sounds kind of strange, but if it can help heal a heart or bring peace, he's going to keep on pushing regular guys like him to open their mind to it.

"All that that's happened until now, Im where I'm supposed to be right now," said Modica, "Right place, right time, sitting where I'm supposed to be."

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