Several fish turn up dead in Phoenix pond

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Dozens of fish in a Phoenix pond have turned up dead. Arizona Game and Fish normal stock these park waters, but fishers in the community have noticed.

Summer hasn't just been the same for George Vreeland, who lives near Roadrunner Park. On average, he comes to the park to fish about three times a week. But for the past couple of weeks, Vreeland has noticed something's fishy about the point.

"I've been seeing dead fish for like two days," Vreeland said. "So I was wondering what's [been] going on. There's more dead fish out here now, so the Rangers have been coming out here and picking up dead fish."

Vreeland says the water looks the same, but the smell is different than normal as more dead fish float to the surface.

"I've been coming here less often because every time I come, I catch like one fish and that's it because there's so [many] fish dying and there's not any more to catch," Vreeland said.

"This is not something I'm used to, this is the first time I've seen dead fish," Vreeland went on to say. "I've been going fishing mostly around here and this is the first time I'm seeing dead fish. It smells a little bit different - it smells like dead fish to me."