Sheriff Arpaio puts jail on lockdown during immigration march

Hundreds of marchers made their way through downtown Phoenix at lunchtime and headed to the 4th Avenue Jail.

They were protesting the actions of Federal ICE agents working in Maricopa County Jails and demanded the resignation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

"Arrest Arpaio, not the people," chanted the protesters during the march.

The crowd spilled out of the Phoenix Convention Center and stretched for blocks through downtown Phoenix over to the 4th Avenue Jail.

They want Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents out of the MCSO jails, and they want Arpaio out too.

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"I am in this march because Arpaio's policies have harmed communities across Arizona, a negative precedent across the country," said protester Esther Wang.

"Well we need comprehensive immigration reform in this country, and we need to get Sheriff Arpaio out of office," said Ben Mantle.

People attending the Netroots organization meeting gave the crowd a big boost; Sheriff Arpaio was not impressed.

"I am the Sheriff of Maricopa County, not the country, I report to 5 million people, I heard they were trying to get me to resign, that will never happen," said Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

At the 4th Avenue Jail, the marchers came face to face with Arpaio's supporters.

"Veterans before illegals, when are you going to March for the veterans, 22 commit suicide every day," said one of Arpaio's supporters.

There were high emotions, some heated words, but no arrests.