Soaked shoppers: People wait in rain for Bass Pro Shop deals on Black Friday

Bass Pro Shop customers know there are big deals to be had on Black Friday.

"My husband was here at like 2:45," one woman said.

"It's like $200 bucks for a rifle, like $150 bucks off," another customer said.

So rain or shine, they waited in line.

"Honestly, I think it just started pouring at four, it drizzled around one, but it was nothing like this," a customer said.

"I was not expecting sheets of rain like this and like freezing out," a customer said. "I'm glad I brought my snow gear."

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With snow gear and umbrellas, some came prepared.

"We have like a tent in there, but nah, we didn't need it up until now," another customer said. 

Others did not but didn't seem to mind the winter-like weather.

"I'm feeling good. This is a dream come true," a customer said.

Bass Pro Shop opened its doors a few minutes early, providing soaked shoppers a little relief.

Store manager Levi Slocum says despite the rain, the turnout was good.

"Right now, our count is around 800,900 people coming in the doors," he said. "Normally, we are a little bit more -- 14 to 1,500 hundred -- but it seems like they are steadily coming in. I can see the cars still coming into the parking lot."

Whatever was on their list, these loyal customers checked them off this year fighting Mother Nature, instead of really big early-morning crowds.

"Yeah, it's worth it just waiting for a long time," a customer said.