Soldier asks JJ Watt to Brigades Holiday Ball

When it comes to dream dates there are a lot of handsome men out there to choose from but one U.S. Army Private has set her sights pretty high with JJ Watt of the Houston Texans.

Watt, who was just featured shirtless and flexing on the cover of Men's Health Magazine, made all the ladies swoon as he spoke about his struggles to find a girlfriend.

Well perhaps he could be doing better. And maybe he needs to check his Facebook feed or YouTube because he has a date offering from Camille Coffey who is stationed at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia.

The Private said "she can't think of anything she wants more in the world" than for Watt to accompany her as her date to her Brigades Ball in Maryland in December. She also knows "this is a long shot. Everyone in my battalion says this probably won't work, but I figure its worth a try."

I'm not sure of Watt's football schedule on December 11. But perhaps the Texans are playing Baltimore two days later on Sunday? Either way The defensive end will be in town THIS WEEKEND as Houston takes on our Atlanta Falcons. Perhaps the single and looking for love footballer could pay Ms. Coffee a visit at Fort Gordon and see if a future date could be arranged, say in 60+ days.