Some grocery store items are increasing in price for these reasons

You may have noticed your trips to the grocery store are becoming more and more expensive and the cost of certain items are skyrocketing.

Many big-name companies are announcing price increases. This includes baby products, paper products and produce. It's an issue that may continue for months.

There are some items at the grocery store that are going up in price and experts say, for the most part, we have the COVID-19 pandemic to blame.

"It is noticeable. I am noticing it You may be noticing it in your pocketbook," says Julie Murphree with the Arizona Farm Bureau.

She says inflation is happening.

"It increased 6% from February and March of this year and if you compare to March of 2020, that is a 2% increase," she explained.

The Consumer Price Index released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the price for fruits and vegetables has increased by 2%.

This is also coming at a time when Procter & Gamble announced price increases on baby products and feminine care products. Kimberly-Clark is also raising prices on diapers.

Part of the reason for these hikes, experts say, is due to rising gas prices and supply chain issues related to the pandemic.

"Across the board, energy costs have increased for a number of reasons in every state in the supply chain we are dealing with. Cost of energy, cost of transport," Murphree said.

Is there good news?

Well, Murphree says Arizona has one of the most competitive grocery markets in the nation which helps keeps prices down.

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