Some Laveen residents concerned over plans for medical marijuana dispensary

There are growing concerns among residents in a portion of Laveen about a new business that wants to open up shop.

The plans involve a new medical marijuana dispensary that, if all goes according to plan, will open up in the area of 51st Avenue and Baseline. The area is currently a field.

"A lot of people are pro. [They] want to see it come because they need the facility," said Dan Penton, who lives in Laveen.

Penton, who runs an online forum for the Laveen community, says emotions are mixed over the dispensary plans.

"That it's not the right fit, the proximity to housing, high-end apartment complex on the other end of this field," said Penton.

According to public records, a company named Story Cannabis is asking officials with the City of Phoenix to approve variance, or exceptions, to current zoning laws, as the proposed dispensary site does not meet the distance requirements from residential zones, or from public parks.

"That with the compounding problem at 51st Avenue and Baseline on all four corners, this isn't the right fit for it right now," said Penton.

Other Laveen residents have commented that the dispensary could bring increased security personnel to the intersection.

"There's plenty of other locations in Laveen, especially on Baseline, that would be more suitable for this," said Penton.

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