Son of former Vice President Dan Quayle remembers late President George H.W. Bush

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- An Arizona family will be attending the ceremonies honoring the late Former President George H.W. Bush.

Dan Quayle served as Vice President from 1989 to 1993 under the 41st President, and his son, Ben, shared some memories of the late President.

When Dan Quayle was elected to the Vice Presidency, Ben was just 12 years old, but Ben was old enough to realize he was becoming a part of something special, and part of what made it so special was getting to know the late President. Even though he was a teenager during most of the Bush 41's only term as President, Ben said he got to interact with the Bush 41 and Barbara Bush frequently.

"I was 12 to 16 years old when my father was Vice President," said Ben. "I was actually over at the White House quite a bit because they had a grandson, George P., who was my age. When he was in town to visit his grandparents, I would come over and play tennis, so I got to know the President and Mrs. Bush over those few years.

Ben said all of the descriptions of Bush 41 as an incredibly kind and fair man of unshakable character are spot on. He said from the time he was a teenager visiting the White House to his campaign to represent Arizona in Congress, Bush was always there for him and very supportive.

"He was an incredibly decent man," said Ben. "One of the best men I'd ever met, but his sense of humor was amazing."

Ben said clever one-liners were a Bush specialty, but it was kind heart and unwavering decency that will be remembered and missed.

"He would try to find a good in the person, even if they were saying bad things about him," said Ben. "He would try to find the good and the commonality."

Be has three young children with his wife, and is running a busy government affairs consulting business that operates in Scottsdale and Washington. He says he loves Arizona., and his entire family is in Arizona, including his mom and dad. The Quayle family left Tuesday for Washington D.C. to attend the ceremonies.