South Bay teacher accused of coughing on 1-year-old loses job

KTVU has learned that a South Bay educator has been fired, after an alleged confrontation with a young child and his family at a yogurt shop.

The president of the San Jose/Silicon Valley NAACP told KTVU on Friday, that the teacher, had been dismissed by the Oak Grove School District.

This incident began at San Jose Yogurtland on Cottle Road on June 12.

Authorities said a woman was angry that a mother with a 1-year-old in a baby stroller, did not comply with social distancing, and instead, stood too close to her at the counter.

This woman was then accused of taking off her face mask, and coughing on the child about three times.

The youngster's mother, Mireya Mora, said the incident was racially-motivated, since they are of Hispanic descent.

Mora went to the yogurt shop, with her son and her grandmother.

Mora said they started getting harassed only after they started speaking Spanish to each other.

Mora said the woman attacked a "defenseless boy."

This story and surveillance images from the shop started going viral.

The woman was eventually identified as a special education teacher at Oak Grove School District in San Jose.

An online petition was set up calling for the school district to fire this woman.

Officials announced they did not tolerate conduct from any employee that may compromise the safety of a child.

So far, the people involved in this alleged dispute have yet to make any public comments about the new development of the teacher losing her job.

San Jose Police have been investigated this incident, and said that the woman could potentially face misdemeanor battery charges.