Southwest Airlines staffer serenades mother of fallen Arizona DPS trooper in viral video

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - When traveling on an airplane, the last thing you expect to see is an airline employee serenading the passengers. However, on a flight from Phoenix to Louisville, that's exactly what passengers got.

In a now-viral video uploaded by Sean Warren on Facebook, passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight watched a touching performance of "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban sung by Ground Operations officer Scott Wirt. Perhaps what made it so touching is that this wasn't just a one-off performance - he was serenading a mother whose son had been killed in the line of duty in Phoenix.

The video has amassed 64,000 views on Facebook and nearly 500 shares.

According to Fox News, Wirt sang the song to Deb Edenhofer, whose son, Tyler Edenhofer, was killed while on duty in July of 2018. Edenhofer was a Navy veteran and DPS trooper.

"Sean, thank you for sharing this, it was amazing," she wrote online.

Warren was so moved by the performance, he wanted to share it on Facebook.

"To the mother.... 'Thank you' seems so utterly inadequate. May you be blessed daily in your thoughts of your son's service and sacrifice. May heaven give you in abundance what you missed here on earth," wrote Warren on Facebook.