SRP planting trees to help the Arizona environment

Last season, the Arizona Cardinals scored 59 touchdowns and because of that success, 5,900 trees were planted in Arizona forests as part of a five-year tradition that continues today.

"We work with the National Forest Foundation and we put these trees in areas that have had significant fire damage, so that would be the Coconino, Apache Sitgreaves and the Tonto Forest here in Arizona," Lori Singleton said.

Lori Singleton says since the program started one million trees have taken root all over Arizona thanks, of course, to the Cardinals, but also to SRP customers.

"The customer adds $3 to their monthly bill and we accumulate those funds and we work with the National Forest Foundation and they go out and plant the trees," she said.

It's a program that brings burned forests back to life as we root for the Cardinals to make an even bigger impact.

"This year we're hoping for maybe 75 touchdowns," Singleton said.